Children Portraits, family portraits, newborn

Leo the brave

My journey as a mom to a little boy named Jude has led me down so many different paths, meeting so many beautiful souls along the way.  Little Leo is just one of those beautiful souls that I had the privilege to meet.  Capturing Leo was one of the most challenging, and at times, emotionally charged photoshoots I’ve had to do in a while.  As a photographer,  newborn photography has never really been part of my core style – I’ve always struggled with it.  But photographing Leo was different for so many different reasons.  The end result was this…not technically correct or artistically brilliant, but real and challenging – like many things in life.   Leo showed me how to be brave.

Leo CollageIMG_8217IMG_8317IMG_8297IMG_8392IMG_8302IMG_8351IMG_8526IMG_8331IMG_8470IMG_8398IMG_8461


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