neusa arraialWe’re honoured that you’ve decided to make it this far and interested in meeting the team behind za. (oh wait – I am THE team!)

I’m neusa (if you can pronounce it – we’re halfway down the relationship path already!) With a name like mine, it’s no wonder the nickname “za” came to life!

I am a wannabe writer at heart, a photographer by night (philosophically speaking) and a marketer by day. My love for photography, dates back to the days where film was actually available everywhere! (That’s not me dating myself, that’s just technology moving at the speed of light).

This love affair that I’ve had for over 10 years with Photography is driven by the fact that I’m determined (borderline obsessed) with capturing the true essence in everything and everyone.

For me, it’s not about glamour or technical brilliance – it’s about releasing the shutter when you decide to reveal your true essence.

Capturing that moment is my passion.